Go green. Save hundreds every year.

The Electric Water Heater of the Future.

Heat pump water heaters use the residual heat from the air in your home to heat the water you use daily. That means you’ll save big money on your energy bills without changing how you use your water heater.

Save Money

Energystar.gov estimates $315 a year in savings with a heat pump water heater over an electric one. With a 10 year warranty, you’ll likely save at least $3150 over the lifetime of your heater.

Save Energy

Heat pump water heaters use 70% less energy than normal electric water heaters.

How Does It Work?

Heat pumps work by pulling in the air around it, absorbing the residual heat, then spitting the air back out. When there isn’t enough heat in the air to get the water all the way to your desired temperature, the electric heating element inside the tank turns on. That means you don’t have to worry about inconsistent performance, and you’ll save energy whenever possible.

diagram displaying how a heatpump functiona

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