Demand Duo Water Heater

Part Tank, Part Tankless

The Demand Duo gives you the ready supply of hot water that comes with a tank to deal with high demand spikes. On top of that, you get the power, output, and longevity that comes with a tankless water heater.


This system is energy efficient so you can expect to save 20-40% in energy costs for your water heater. On top of that, the Duo and its warranty last 2-3 times longer than most commercial systems, meaning you won’t replace it any time soon.

Compact Size

You might need 3 or 4 separate water heaters to match the Demand Duo’s output. Plus, because it doesn’t have extra equipment, the Duo’s tank can store more water than other tanks of the same size.

High Output

The Duo’s high output gives you an ample supply of hot water. To put that in hard numbers, the Duo gives you 119 gallons of standing hot water and a first-hour delivery of 317 gallons.

Ongoing Support

The Duo is easy to repair and maintain, and you have access to 24/7 technical support from Rinnai and remote maintenance monitoring capabilities.

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