Water Heaters

For tank water heaters, we proudly offer Rheem’s professional-grade line. Here’s what makes Rheem water heaters an excellent choice for your family.


Durable Brass Drain Valve

Most drain valves are plastic, but not Rheem’s. Along with a faster drain (meaning faster maintenance), Brass is more durable and you won’t have as many issues with sediment getting stuck in your drain valve.

EverKleen Cleaning System

The EverKleen system slows down sediment buildup, improves efficiency, and prolongs the life of your water heater.

Rheemglas Tank Liner

The Rheemglas tank liner protects the metal walls of your water heater from the corrosive effects of hot water with a glass lining that coats the inside of your water heater.

Guardian System

The Rheem Guardian System keeps you and your family safe with automatic shut off. If a gas leak is detected, both the gas and air supplies are shut off.

Technician working on a gas water heater with a power vent system

Longer Lasting Gas Valve

The upgraded gas valve means it will last longer than other gas valves and it’s easier to repair.

Upgraded Anode Rod

Rheem’s Premium Grade Anode Rod attracts corrosive particles away from the walls of your tank, meaning your tank will last longer. It’s made of magnesium which makes it more effective than aluminum anode rods, protecting your tank for even longer.

Professional-grade Rheem water heater.

Extended Warranties

With Rheem, we’re able to offer 6 year warranties on power vent heaters and 8 year warranties on atmospheric water heaters. On any Rheem heater we give you, you can get the Rheem Protection Plus Package that will extend your warranty another 4 years and you’ll get a second anode rod.

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Rheem Professional-grade vs. Retail

We stand by doing the best for our customers, and only offering professional-grade water heaters is how we do that. For tank water heaters, we only offer Rheem’s professional-grade.

What Professional-grade Rheem products have over retail-grade:



Comparison chart showing features of Professional versus Retail Grade water heaters