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The New & Improved Rinnai SENSEI™ Tankless Water Heater

A hot water heater that goes above and beyond to meet your family’s hot water needs.

Rinnai has just launched a new water heater that learns your water usage and anticipates your hot water needs! 


An update on a previous Rinnai tankless water heater, the Rinnai SENSEI™ Super High Efficiency Plus (SE+) Series joins other Rinnai products in being the best-in-class professional grade water heaters on the cutting edge of innovation. 


High-Efficiency, Intelligent Adaptability


Available for natural gas or liquid propane setups, the brand new Rinnai SENSEI™ tankless water heater features a brand-new technology called Smart-Circ™ Intelligent Recirculation™.  This technology learns your home's water usage and anticipates your need for hot water, saving you time, water, energy, and money. And get this: the cost for this new model doesn’t increase over the old one it replaces, and the warranty stays the same. 


Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? We promise it gets even better. 


The all-new Smart-Circ™ Intelligent Recirculation™ tracks your hot water usage (any usage longer than 20 seconds) over the course of seven days and then automatically adjusts its hot water recirculation to fit your needs – and you don’t have to push a single button. The built-in recirculation system is integrated into the tankless water heater itself, meaning no after-market parts or labor are necessary to have your hot water supply elevated to a whole-new, personalized level.


This WiFi-ready tankless water heater uses the built-in Rinnai control•r™ module, which means you can adjust the temperature, set your tankless water heater to vacation mode, register your product easily, and more - all from your smartphone – even if you aren’t home. 

The WiFi capability + Rinnai control•r™ will also allow you to read error codes on the Rinnai App. You can even have a Rinnai Pro monitor your codes remotely, allowing them to respond quickly to error messages or maintenance needs. 


The updated Rinnai SENSEI™ features a more powerful multi-speed pump with the same energy efficiency of previous models. With hot water flow rates of up to 9.8 gpm on select models, this tankless water heater meets your hot water needs instantly and generously. Offering up to 199,000 BTUs, the Rinnai SENSEI™ Super High Efficiency Plus (SE+) Series Model No. RSC199i is the most powerful residential propane or natural gas tankless water heater on the market, delivering virtually endless hot water to your faucet. 

The compact design of the series saves space, and with a variety of flexible installation options, the Rinnai SENSEI™ Series is approved for mobile home installations, high altitude installations (up to 10,200 ft), and features models for both indoor and outdoor locations. This tankless water heater is perfect for garage and closet installations – in addition to the standard option to install in a basement. This series offers Ultra Low NOx, meaning it releases a lower level of nitrogen oxide than standard gas water heaters through its exhaust, and the series also complies with South Coast Air Quality Management District 14 ng/J or 20 ppm NOx Emission Levels. 

Built-in safety features include Flame Failure - Flame Rod, Boiling Protection, Combustion Fan RPM Check, Over Current - Glass Fuse, Remaining Flame (OHS), and Automatic Frost Protection.

The Rinnai SENSEI™ Super High Efficiency Plus (SE+) Series is ENERGY STAR® certified and currently eligible for Federal Tax Credit rebates in 2022. See specific model details here on the Rinnai website.

Easy Breezy Install 


You won’t just love the improved product quality of the Rinnai SENSEI™ Super High Efficiency Plus (SE+) Series tankless water heaters: It’s a breezy installation experience too.


One of the advantages of using Rinnai water heaters is that they are built with installation in mind – built by professionals to make your experience as smooth as possible. 


With updated venting options that allow for maximum configuration setups, the Rinnai SENSEI™ features the most flexible venting options in the industry. This updated unit can be fitted into an existing condensing vent system if needed, and new installations can use smaller venting materials, which are lighter and less expensive. With this new and improved condensing tankless water heater, the venting installation can be more cost effective and more efficient, expelling used gas only when it is no longer useful for heating water and not a moment before, meaning it saves money upfront in exhaust materials and later on in energy consumption. The new venting setup also allows for even longer vent runs – up to 65’ using 2”/4” concentric or 4” PVC/CPVC/PP, and up to 150’ using 3”/5” concentric or 3” PVC/CPVC/PP – for more challenging installations. 


The updated Rinnai SENSEI™ has a simplified installation process, eliminating the need for an internal bypass and recirculation plug and filter. This means your heater can be installed even faster. An enhanced mounting bracket allows for side-to-side movement of the unit in order to line up venting just right – enabling easier single-contractor installs. It also features a simple gas conversion kit that helps you make a fuel type switch in three easy steps, and single-vent installation requires only one exterior penetration – saving everyone time, money, and HVAC supplies. 


With integrated controls and an accessible control panel, setup of the new Rinnai SENSEI™ with Smart-Circ™ Intelligent Recirculation™ could not be easier. For homeowners, this also means that changing the temperature controls is as easy as pushing a button (or two!) – or using the Rinnai control•r™ app from your smartphone. 


A Fantastic 15-Year Limited Warranty 


The Rinnai SENSEI™ residential tankless water heater comes with a limited 15-Year Warranty on the heat exchanger, with 5-Year Limited Warranty on parts and a 1-Year Warranty on labor. Homeowners can receive an additional 4 years of labor coverage for free (a $250 value) if they register the product within 90 days. If you work with us, we completely handle it for you!

Manufactured in America

Rinnai America Corporation introduced tankless water heating to the North American market in 1999. In 2018, Rinnai manufactured the company’s first American-made tankless water in Griffin, Georgia. Since then, Rinnai has completed an entire new facility – finished in 2021 – establishing a commitment to manufacture and innovate right here in North America – which also means parts are on-shore and readily available if and when they are needed.

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