What does a Water Heater Installation Cost?

When it comes to getting a hot water heater installed or replaced, there are a variety of factors that impact the pricing of a water heater.

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We’ve repaired and replaced thousands of water heaters over the last decade. In fact, we’re the largest installer of professional grade water heaters in Minnesota.

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Why Thousands Choose Us Every Year

A technician putting a warranty sticker on a water heater.

Professional-Grade Water Heaters

Quality matters. We only install professional-grade water heaters because they’re longer-lasting, more efficient, and less defective than consumer-grade water heaters you’ll find at Home Depot or Menards. On top of that, we offer an industry-best warranty of 6 years on the tank and parts and a 3 year warranty on labor. A 10 year warranty is available upon request.

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Price Match+

We commit to doing an excellent job and giving you a fair price. To put our money where our mouth is, we’ll match any written competitor’s offer on the same equipment and warranty plus give you a $50 VISA gift card upon installation.

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No-Mess Guarantee

We know that you don’t want to clean up after us. We guarantee that you won’t have to. We respect your home and make sure there is no cleanup for you. To protect and respect your floors, walls, and personal property while working in your home, our techs use drop cloths to guarantee that there is no mess after the job is done. We guarantee to leave your mechanical room in better condition than when we arrived. We can promise this because we only hire highly qualified, experienced, and trustworthy technicians with a minimum of 5 years of experience to install and service your water heater.

A technician works on a conventional water heater.

Same-Day Install

You should never be without hot water. Get back to enjoying your hot showers faster and take advantage of same-day install at no additional charge. Call any weekday before 2 pm and we’ll replace your leaking or failing tank-style hot water heater the same day. (Tankless heaters require an additional day)

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What’s in a water heater installation estimate?

As you’re looking to get a new water heater, make sure any estimate you receive details the following:

Cost of the water heater.


Installation materials.

Installation labor from our licensed and insured team.

Removal of the old unit.

An estimate will give you a better understanding of the cost of a water heater replacement. As Minnesota’s largest professional-grade water heater installer, we can provide you with a more exact estimate by simply giving us a call.

Our service area covers the entire Twin Cities and Rochester areas

The factors that impact water heater pricing.

There are many aspects that impact the cost of a water heater installation. The primary factors to consider are:

Tankless water heater and conventional water heater size comparison.

Tank or tankless water heater?

It’s important to decide the type of water heater you would like. Tank water heaters are less expensive up-front to replace, though they don’t last as long and are less efficient. Their ongoing maintenance and operation costs are also higher than tankless. The nationwide cost range to replace a water heater is usually in between $1,300-$2,000. 

Tankless water heaters can cost over $3,000 to replace (depending on the model you get), however tankless water heaters can last over 20 years and can save hundreds of dollars a year in energy usage. Also, some major energy suppliers will provide an energy rebate if you choose to go tankless. To get an accurate estimate of what a water heater would cost in your home, give us a call.

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Consumer or professional-grade water heater?

If you’re comparing a water heater from a big-box store against one offered from a plumber, you’ll likely encounter a difference in water heater price. This is because big-box stores sell consumer grade water heaters and plumbers sell professional grade. 

Professional grade water heaters can be a higher up-front cost, however they come with features that make your water heater more efficient, last longer than consumer grade, and usually result in a lower cost of ownership over the long-term. A few standard features you’ll find on most professional grade water heaters are:

High quality anode rod to attract metals in your water heater that prevents early corrosion in your tank.

Self cleaning system to keep the water from causing ‘thermal stratification’ (where the cold water stays on the bottom and the hot water stays on top). This increases efficiency and makes your water heater last longer. 

On gas heaters, high-quality safety features to protect your home from gas leaks.

Higher quality tanks that last longer than consumer water heaters giving you a lower cost of ownership over the long-run.

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Conventional water heater size options.

Size of water heater?

One of the major impacts of pricing is the size of your water heater. How do you know what size to get? It depends on how much water your household uses Here’s a simple guide: 

Household Size

Water Heater Size

3 or fewer people

40 - 50 gallons

3 - 5 people

50 - 60 gallons

5 - 6 people

60 - 70 gallons

6+ people

75+ gallons

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We’re favored by businesses that depend upon a reliable supply of hot water: hair salons, churches, restaurants, coffee shops just to name a few.

I wish I had gone with them first when our water heater showed it first signs of needing some attention the week prior. Paid a different plumber to reset the control unit which got is 6 more days of life. Initially was looking for a repair but a good discussion with Water Heaters now had me realize that I’d be only delaying the inevitable. They were timely, very professional and courteous and well priced. We appreciate having hot water once again.

Ryan Larson

Water Hesters Now provided excellent communication prior to arrival. They were very clean and courteous, making sure to work well in my home. Their work was fast but at the same thorough, and a full explanation was provided at the end of the installation. Highly recommended for any water heater needs!

Lance Singrey

Absolutely great. They came the day I called, left no trace, were helpful and polite, and significantly less expensive than other vendors. Would use them again in a heartbeat.

Brian Stephenson

Had a great experience with them and they were quick and clean to do the swap on my water heaters. Would definitely use them again in the future.

Sidharth Patel

Excellent Technician - Excellent work - Would recommend

Dean Van Dale

Showed up on time, knowledgeable staff, good work. Very satisfied.

Michael Byrne

Quick and seamless installation!

Divya KMurthy

I was able to have a new water heater installed same-day. My installer was professional and courteous. Great value and service!!

Julie Saul

Excellent technician. Nice work would recommend to anyone.

Margaret Van Dale

We had a tankless water heater installed. Every detail of the installation was perfect.

Randy Werner

Water Heaters Now got us out of a bind super quick. Our water heater went out on Sunday, I called them Monday morning, and we had a new water heater by 1:00 pm. Professional, courteous, honest, and fair pricing. Highly recommend!

Brandon Urban

They came over to replace a broken water heater within 40 min of calling them, had it replaced within three hours. Great service. Installer Paul explained everything to us and made sure we knew what was going on and were ok with prices etc. I would recommend them!

Eric Ogdahl

Our tech Bruce was professional, knowledgeable, and a nice person to have dealt with. He made sure to put rugs down on our flooring to help prevent any scratches and dirtying our carpet. I would definitely recommend this company.

Josh Olson

We came downstairs to find our hot water heater leaking all over our utility room. After a lot of towels and fans we called Hot Water Heaters now and a few hours later we had a brand new 75 gallon water heater installed and our old one removed. We had called a few other places and nobody else had that kind of quick turnaround! Our technician Bruce was very professional and explained things to us in detail, including how to maintain it to last a long time. If you have an emergency or don’t have time to wait around I highly recommend these guys. They pulled the permits and took care of everything. We are very happy.

Rebecca Ark

Nate and Nate (yes 2 Different Nates) were professional. Quoted a range for installation over the phone with reasons for differences in prices. Set up a date for installation and Nate came on time, worked cleanly, and finished ahead of schedule. Installation came in at the low end of the quote with no Surprises. The tankless heater works great. I would recommend them to anyone.

Luke Healy

Water Heaters Now completed a same-day water heater install in a property that we are selling. What I found out through my experience: most other companies will take a few days but not Water Heaters Now. They can do it same-day. Their prices are competitive and they are open about the price. I was provided a range depending on code requirements. The final price was in the middle of the range. Lastly, the technician was friendly and provided great communication during/after the job. I would recommend this company and I would use them again.

Chad Miller

My hot water heater was leaking badly, so I called to a couple places and Water Heaters Now offered to have a person at my house within an hour at a comparable price to competitors. Bruce showed up and got to work right away with a new water heater coming in a separate truck. It took about 4 hours for all the work to be completed and I'm very happy with the work. I didn't intend to spend so much money on my house today, but the experience was top notch, so I feel like it was money well spent.

Joel Gardner

Awesome company. Quick, professional, reasonable cost. I can think of nothing that would make the experience of having to have a water heater changed out faster or easier.

Mike Keim

Showed up on time, great customer service, perfect installation. Thank you!


When I called to describe the problem, Nate was willing to talk me through basic repairs that I could do and when they weren't successful, they came out the next day. The job grew to be a lot larger than I expected (2 power vented water heaters instead of one atmospheric vented) but they gave a fair price on the extra work (including removing and capping old venting) and were quick and professional. I appreciated their flexibility and ethics in how the work was done.

Chris Smith

Called to get a quote and person I spoke with did a very good job of explaining the type of water heater they install and it’s advantages. He sold me on the quality and was able to get it installed for me that day. The installer (Bruce) was very knowledgeable, helpful, informative and friendly. He explained and showed me how to do maintenance on it and advised I would get an email reminder and demo video whenever maintenance would be required. Very happy with the whole experience.

Jon Barker

We hired Water Heaters Now to replace our gas water heater that was failing and at end-of-life. Our technician, Nate, was fast, efficient, on time and explained what he was doing, why he was doing it, and how to maintain the water heater moving forward. He also worked with our home warranty plan—which we really appreciated—to ensure all documentation was completed on their end. Highly recommend!

Joe Janochoski

I could not believe that the leaking water heater could be replaced the same day! The staff is knowledgeable and polite. They use good quality heaters, piping and mixing valves. I am also happy about the great maintenance reminders by email

Andrzej P

Water Heaters Now had amazing customer service. When I first called they were extremely helpful in answering questions and helping us determine what we needed. They were able to come out the next day and install. The installation was smooth and efficient. Water Heaters Now is a great company and I would highly recommend them.

Ryan Sabby

These guys are the real deal. It’s not often you find a company that is so well rounded. From initial outreach, to installation, to post sale support, they check all the boxes. Fast responses, efficient, fair and upfront pricing. They treat you the way you want to be treated. Hmm ...That sounds like something I read in the Bible. This is the way we should be treated. Just like Jesus. I also learned that they use a portion of their profits to drill wells in Haiti for people who don’t have water. Thanks for shining the Light in all that you guys do! I’ll be telling all my friends and family about Water Heaters Now. Acts 1:8

Nick Norring

They company was very informative, friendly and professional. They had all the products and tools with them from the moment they arrived and were able to do all the work on the same day I called them. They quote they gave me over the phone was the same that I paid when the work work complete. I definitely recommend this company to everyone!

Matthew Brown

Nate and Paul did an excellent job -- quick and efficient service and clearly explained everything. I also especially like that the Bradford White water heater that was installed is made in the USA, comes with a good warranty. Highly recommend!

J Simes

Responsive. Professional. Gave detailed answers to my questions. Worked carefully in my 100 year old house. Happy to get hot water again so quickly.

Joe Kristoff

Friendly service, great price, and same day service!

Jacob Seljan

Water Heaters Now is a top notch company that means it when they say call before 2 and get a water heater installed the same day. Our water heater died this morning, thankfully after my wife showered but before I did so I had a cold shower. I found this company and gave them a call. Super friendly service and prompt install and haul away. They work with your budget too which really helps when an unexpected expense like this happens. All around great experience and will recommend to others. If it matters to you, they use the only brand water heater still made entirely in the USA as well.

Abe Shoberg

After calling around and talking with other crabby services, the WHN team was so pleasant and easy to work with! We dealt with 4 different people and all were consistently professional, friendly and efficient. This business is well-managed!

Carol Crago

Fast be on time and professional.

Laksun Lee

Efficient, knowledgeable, and professional.

Todd Nowacki

We couldn’t find anyone who could come out in a timely manner. I only called places with 5 stars or close so it wasn’t that I compromised to give them a shot and had fabulous service. They were able to squeeze us in and where so helpful and reasonably priced. Thank you!

Kristen Maguire

Paul went above and beyond with his service and professionalism, then I asked for a favor since he had the equipment for it to perform and additional safety check for me which was awesome! Just shows they not only do great work but look out and help keep customers safe! With much gratitude, thank you WHN! Super ecstatic customer! Ben

Ben Hyun Chris

After my 50 gallon tank heater sprung a leak (after only 6 years) I decided to go tankless. Water Heaters Now were able to answer all my questions and concerns, plus their pricing was in line, if not below many other companies I contacted. Nate and Paul arrived on time and installed the whole system (and new water softener) before the end of the work day. They were extremely professional and made sure I was satisfied and understood what they were doing at every step. I’m very glad I hired them and will recommend them to anyone. Thanks guys!

Jordy Anderson

Nate contacted me fairly quickly and was very responsive to my questions and needs. He provided excellent customer service. Our water heater arrived the next morning and Chris removed the old one, cleaned up the mess from the water leakage, and installed the new one in 2 hours. We are extremely pleased with our service, the water heater, and the quick turnaround. Thank you Water Heaters Now.

Natalie Ekberg

Highly recommend Water Heaters Now, Inc. Excellent customer service and great quality work. Our water heater broke/needed to be replaced and the Water Heaters Only team came the next day to replace our water heater as we had family coming into town. Great pricing, very responsive and they walked us through the whole process. Now we have an amazing new water heater that is running much more efficiently just in time for our family coming into town!

Mari Franzen

From the initial call for a quote to the final inspection of our new water heater they were fantastic.

David Steadman

Very friendly and professional staff. I had some issues with existing plumbing to my water heater that they were also responsive in assessing to make sure everything worked in the end. Definitely would use them again.

Dan Quillin

Bruce was our technician, he was incredibly kind and thorough. He took the time to answer all my questions in detail and had the new water heater installed in no time! Made a stressful surprise home maintenance event easy. Incredible service.

Meredith Oberg

Jake did an excellent job of replacing my old 50 gallon water heater with a new tankless water heater. He made everything look nice, he was careful with removal, he explained things well so I knew how to use and maintain my equipment, and he cleaned up when he was done. Water Heaters Now is a big recommendation from me.

Brian Miller

Jake was great. He showed up on time, gave me a thorough rundown of what he was going to do and what obstacles might present themselves, owned up to a small bit of damage to a closet door and discounted my invoice for it, and explained the warranties and service recommendations when he was done. All in just a few hours. I would definitely recommend Water Heaters Now to anyone who asks.

Alfredo Rodriguez

I had a water heater that started leaking. I contacted Water Heaters Now and they came out less than 2 hours later to replace it. They were very professional, courteous, and did a great job. I would definitely recommended them.


Sent them a text at 8:30am. Talked through the process and bit and got a bid. They were at my house by 10:45. Got old unit removed, got plumbing up to code, and installed new unit before 1:00. Highly recommended.

Mitch Rasmussen

Jake and Josh who came to do the install were great to work with. They explained everything they were going to do and gave advice when asked without trying to up sell anything. Would highly recommend water heaters now!

Ryan B

Very professional, Quality and clean workmanship . Technician was very knowledgeable and courteous. Did a great job.

Alan Flint

I called them late yesterday afternoon and they were gone before 2 PM the next day at a reasonable price!

Mitch McNamara

Less than 24 hours later we have a new water heater. Seems like a fair price and it was the price they originally quoted during the initial phone call. Great people....and I got a new coffee cup. Thanks guys!

Geris Kraus

The replacement went quickly and was done in a couple of hours. The repair person was great. He walked me through the controls of the new heater, answered a number of questions that I had (through the entire process of selecting a unit, installing and quality), and cleaned up after himself - a first rate job. I have been using the new water heater for about 3 weeks and everything works perfectly! Very happy with the service, water heater and workmanship! I definitely would recommend this company to anyone needing the work done right the first time!

Joe Tretter

Jake, the technician is super nice and very helpful with our last minute request for panic pan to be added on. He also cleaned up the area after installation. Very happy with the service👍

Grace Berlian

Excellent service and professional throughout. I will recommend them any time someone needs service.

Jeff Goehring

Every bit of interaction with Water Heaters Now! (from initial phone call, to delivery, to installation) was friendly, professional, and kind. Also, so fast! I called on Thursday, and the heater was installed on Friday. Very grateful.

Jen Scott

Bruce and Josh were on-time and quick to replace my old water heater. I reached out to WHN! and they responded with a timely estimate and replacement date. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for water heater services.

Chris Black

Water Heaters Now responded quickly to set an appointment and arrived within the agreed time. They efficiently took all necessary information, allowing the team to arrive ready with the correct water heater and tools for the job. Upon arrival, Jake found we required an update to put us in compliance with code and was able to remedy our situation, complete installation, and taught us how to maintain the new system. We really appreciated how they arrived within the agreed upon time, took care to protect the area/house from debris and cleaned up any mess. They even mailed the rebate form for us!

Debby Orgeman

Experience was great! Came home after vacation to a broken water heater. Worked with Nate to determine our needs and in 24 hours Paul did the installation.

C Neuma

They were able to come the next day for an install and did a very nice job. Everything about the water heater and maintenance was explained well.

Ed Vaterlaus

Came home from a long weekend to find our water heater exploded. Submitted a request for a quote and received a response in minutes. Spoke to an employee after typical business hours and a technician was onsite the next morning at 8:30 AM. Honest, straightforward, and thorough! Very pleased!!

Katherine Metzger

These guys were fantastic. Trying to hire plumbers can be a stressful experience. These guys were clearly extremely knowledgeable, but I had a unique system and an unusual problem. The assistant I talked to on the phone took a few hours to research potential approaches and talk with his team, and texted me during the process to keep me updated. He gave me a few potential solutions and, when I asked, was even willing to work with the manufacturer of my water heater directly on a warranty claim which would help reduce the cost for me. Before my service day, the company sent a couple of techs to examine my problem in person. There was no extra charge for this; on the contrary, this examination allowed them to confirm the exact cost of the service down to the dollar and allowed them to order a few rare non-inventoried parts they needed so everything was ready to go on my service day. On my service day, I wasn't home and they kept me updated throughout the day by text and, when I returned home, everything was finished and the water heater room was cleaner than it's been since I owned the home. I HIGHLY recommend this company!

Sam Ruedinger

Our old heater was failing. The company did a great job helping us pick a new one and installed it the next day! Very professional, and they made sure to explain all maintenance for the new heater. I highly recommend Water Heaters Now!

Joshua Beardsley

Major water heater leak, called the next morning and had it replaced that day! Great customer service, answered all of my questions, very knowledgeable and helpful. My replacement posed some unique challenges, they worked with me to find the best and most cost effective solutions!

Sharon Hollister

Jake & Nate were very professional, worked all day, and installed a great tankless water heater. I would recommended Water Heaters Now to anyone!

Mike Zitek

Great folks! Super service. They even come back out a year later to teach you how to clean it. This company is amazing. Highly recommend them!

Keith V

Friendly, informative, and quick.

Nate Truesdell

Called on Sunday. Easy to set up installation for Monday 7:30 am. Arrived on time. All people were easy to work with. Answered all questions. No problems with the installation. Water heater works great.

Bob Hastings

Very friendly and professional. High quality work and reasonable pricing. I will definitely work with them again.

Windy Days

Fast scheduling. Fast install. Good value.

Jessica Thorn

This company was great. They responded quickly gave me a ball park price over the phone. Was able to get a technician out quickly, gave a firm estimate and then completed the work. I was clear about what I wanted and they didn’t try to talk me into a product (a tankless) that I clearly didn’t want. Best part is their price was 1/2 of what other companies quoted me. Would definitely use again and would recommend.

Sara Land

Very responsive. I put in a query at ~9pm and received a followup call by 8 AM the following day. Jon was able to get me a quote over the phone after I sent him some photos of the current water heater installation. The installer was onsite that afternoon to complete the work. The installer texted before arriving and arrived when indicated. The work was done quickly. Care was taken while bringing in the new heater and removing the old one to not damage any walls, floors or doors. After the work was done, the space was cleaned up nicely and the installer went through the operation and maintenance requirements for the new water heater with me. The installer was happy to wear a face mask when asked.

Matt Armstead

Fantastic experience end to end. So happy I came across this company. I had tankless hot water heater installed. They were professional, knowledgeable, and detailed; ensuring everything was up to code. Pricing was very fair. Would highly recommend and will use again in future.

Chris Fitzharris

It was a wonderful experience. Nate, WHN technician, was friendly, patient, and professional. I can't recommend Water Heaters Now enough. We got a new water heater the same day that it went out. We were even given a quote over the phone. I wish all other companies were as terrific as Water Heaters Now.

Shandy Brennan

I can't say enough good things about my experience working with WHN. John was extremely helpful and thorough when walking us through options and what would be best for our house based on need, all while keeping cost and supply in mind. Jake the technician who installed the unit was extremely friendly, professional and explained things to me after the install. Trust me, use these guys! We shopped around at other big names, and they were by far the best!

Alycia Oye

They made it easy. I called, provided pictures while we talked, had a quote over the phone and installation a few hours later. So appreciated the friendly and professional service!

Jamie Paget

The entire project was wonderful at every step. These guys know what they’re doing!

Betsy Handlson

Came in exactly as promised. Had to weed through a lot of creeps to find these guys. Very much recommend.

Dawnathefrog Craddock

This company replaced my residential water heater. I made initial contact by a Contact Us message from their website early in the morning. They responded by phone within minutes. They had the unit available that I needed and made an appointment with me that same day. The technician arrived in the time window and did a great job installing my heater. There was a misunderstanding about the warranty being offered. But follow up customer service was prompt and they resolved that issue to my satisfaction.

Ray Meyer

Great same day service! Called and spoke with Nate for a quote at 12:40pm on a Friday (of a holiday weekend) after our water heater was deemed “unrepairable.” At 1:15pm I called back to book the company. By 2:15pm they were at the house ready to take out the old and install the new water heater. Very happy with the service.

Allison Herzog

They got to my house 3 minutes before they said they would. They got to the project immediately. It was installed well and the old one was gone in about 1 1/2 hours. Also, they were very quick to call me back after I requested a quote.

Dave Nourse

Josh and Jake did a great job installing the new water heater.

Alex Scheglowski

I think WATER HEATERS NOW was my 4th call and I was lucky to find them. They were able to come out the next day at 7:30am!!! All the other places i called were super high on their quote and they wouldn't be able to install till after the weekend. So WATER HEATERS NOW sent a very professional, neat and courteous man out promptly at 7:30am Friday morning! He laid down cloths to protect our floors and put covers over his shoes as well. A 2nd man delivered the professional grade water heater and the install went smoothly. Afterwards he cleaned up and thoroughly explained how to operate and maintain our new Water Heater. All in all a success! I highly recommend WATER HEATERS NOW if you ever have an emergency situation like we did or you are just upgrading before the emergency! They were awesome!!😊

Patti Stamp

Great service! Jon and Jake were both awesome. I was able to get my installation (water heater and softener) scheduled quicker than I expected. Jake arrived on time and had everything completed quicker than I expected. Will definitely call them again if needed.

John Turnblom

They were very helpful and friendly. Did an amazing job! The price was also reasonable.

Mai Lia Vang

We contacted Water Heaters Now on Saturday and within about five minutes had a response from Nate. We provided details about our existing water heater and in under 15 minutes we had a no hassle quote and confirmed appointment. Our technician Bruce was fantastic and communicated with us throughout the install. He was friendly and very knowledgeable. The process was seamless and the overall customer experience with Water Heaters now was really positive. Can't recommend them enough if you are in need of a new water heater! Thanks!

Elizabeth Temples

I happened to call Water Heaters Now for an estimate to replace our failing water heater. They offered to come out to do the replacement the next day. Their price was very competitive and my research showed they use a high quality product. The installers were prompt and courteous. After the installation, Bruce gave me a rundown on what to do to maintain the water heater and said they would follow up with annual maintenance emails to remind us. I've never had a water heater installer do this before. All-in-all, a great experience.

Katherine Stelberg Bass

Jake was able to come even a bit earlier than promised. He was very polite, efficient and neat. All the work was done as promised for the price that was quoted and he cleaned up everything afterward.

Kay Joyce

Very responsive, worked over the phone with pictures, gave us an estimate quickly to install a tankless water heater and stuck to it. Jon explained pros and cons of both types of water heaters. Never tried to talk us into something we didn't want. They left the room cleaner than when they arrived. Provided us with a cleaning kit for the annual maintenance. Knowledgeable, courteous, and the job was done in half a day. Amazing crew! I would recommend them to anyone who appreciates straight talk, great work at a very reasonable price. Thank you so much!

Conni Conner

I can't say enough great things about Water Heaters Now. This is my second time working with them and I would recommend them to anyone that needs the services they provide. They are fast, professional and they also walk you through everything. Even though having something break down or an appliance needs to be replaced is a bummer, Water Heaters Now make the experience a great one.

Al Crowther

Water Heaters Now did a great Job! Starting with my initial phone call, they were very open and honest and walked me through the options for a new water heater and answered all of my questions. Water Heaters Now was also super fast. I called on a Wednesday night at about 5pm and they had their crew at my house, with the new water heater at 7:30am Thursday morning. The technicians (Jake and Aiden) where prompt and professional! The had the old water heater removed and installed the new one by 10am. The work was high quality and they left the area cleaner than it was when the arrived. The final cost for the water heater and installation work was exactly what they quoted. I will use Water Heaters Now in in the future and would highly recommend them to anyone!

Daddy Vader

I'm glad I went with Water heaters now vs. other companies. Their prices are competitive and service is friendly and prompt! John was extremely helpful on the phone, with the pricing and all of my questions. Nathan and Aiden were also awesome in hauling away the old water heater and installing the new one. They were both very friendly and explained everything thoroughly. They also did the job in a neat manner and made sure to clean up all the mess. I wish they did more than just water heaters, but I would certainly not hesitate to recommend them to anyone else needing to replace their water heater. Oh, and they also showed up the same day I got a quote, which was faster than anyone else I called.

Shahin Khazrajafari

Jon in Sales was very responsive and Nate did a great job with the install. Both were very knowledgeable and friendly. It was a great decision to go with these guys.

Luke Smith

Water Heaters Now! replaced a huge 75 gallon water heater with a new tankless system. The communication was wonderful throughout. They would text before arriving. They sent more than one person to perform the job. We ran into issues due to the utility room’s location in the center of the house. They were able to run new venting and a new gas line despite the difficulty of doing so. They were very friendly and wore plastic foot coverings in the house. I can’t think of anything that I would change. Thank you for the great service!

Jeremy Alford

I normally don’t write but in this case I have to. Jake and Aidan are amazing. I just bought a townhouse and needed an new water heater. I looked at a lot of different companies to have one installed. Unfortunately I had no luck until I spoke with Jon over the phone and immediately realize I had the right spot. Jon was so nice and informational I didn’t feel like I was being sold on anything that ultimately decided for me. Thank you very much Jon. Now for Jake and Aiden unbelievable service these guys rock. The initial spot for the water heater was going didn’t really work and we were able to relocate it to the opposite side of the room and it works great. Without hesitation or frustration to the extra work that was given these guys made a masterpiece I am forever thankful and will definitely be recommending Water Heater’s now to everyone that I come in contact with thank you very much Jake and Aiden are from your new customer for life Abe.

Abram Taylor

I had just purchased a new home just to find out the water heater was failing and leaking. Not only did Water Heaters take my call after 5 pm, they had 2 great guys at my doorstep the next morning. They did a complete replacement and had to bring things up to code. They were kind, knowledgeable and accommodating. You can find a generalist in plumbing or a specialist that does ONE thing with expertise like Water Heaters Now. I highly recommend them!

Kellie Price

They did a terrific job!

Nda Sticks

Excellent Business. They were very responsive and showed up on time. Jay was an excellent installer and cleaned up when he was all done.

Jim Haupert

Technician was prompt, nice, and professional. Very respectful and organized. Highly recommend!

Brian Dvorak

Great to work with. They replaced our 50 gallon gas water heater. Friendly knowledgeable staff and promptly on time as they said. I would recommend them to anyone needing water heater services and replacing.

BEAST Wildlife Solutions

The service was absolutely top notch, starting with Nate and ending with Paul. Both were very good at explaining the process and what to expect. This professionalism and transparency is the reason I selected this company. I will definately be using their services again!! I just wish they repaired roofs and so much more. 🙂

Peggy Perry

This team was fantastic. We called them with an installation request yesterday and they finished the work today! Everything from the cost, to scheduling and installation were outstanding. I would highly recommend Water Heaters Now for any water heater needs. Thank you! Jason

Jason Morrow

My experience with Water Heaters Now was seamless from start to finish. I called at 5pm on a Monday and had a new water heater installed and working by 12:30pm the next day. The customer service representative “Q” and the installation technicians Aidan and Jake were friendly, professional and exceeded my expectations. They quickly navigated my confined utility closet, removing and reinstalling my water softener which was blocking the water heater. A+ experience and I would recommend them to friends and family.

JENNuine Guidance

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