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Conventional Tank-Style Water Heaters

We proudly recommend and offer Bradford White water heaters. And for good reason. Aside from the fact that they are the only major USA Made water heater brand, they come standard with significant features that make them one of the best options you can choose.

Here’s why.

Durable Tank Lining

Water heater tanks are made of steel, and over time, the steel can wear out and cause corrosion, resulting in early leaks and a possible flooded basement. Bradford White water heaters come standard with Vitraglas® Tank Lining. It’s a unique porcelain and enamel lining that protects the steel tank from early corrosion.

Circulation & Self-Cleaning Technology

The Hydrojet® Performance System is a water jet system that mixes the water in your water heater’s tank. It prevents thermal stratification (where the water is colder at the bottom and warmer at the bottom) which makes the water heater much more efficient. And the water movement it creates helps reduce settlement build-up at the bottom of your tank.

Extendable Warranty

Bradford White water heaters come standard with a 6-year warranty with 2 and 4-year extended warranty options.

High Durability & Quality

Bradford White water heaters are the only professional-grade water heater 100% made in America.

Safety Features

Gas water heaters ignite a flame to heat the water and if there is a gas leak near the pilot light, an explosion can occur. Bradford White’s Defender Safety System® is an innovative safety feature that automatically shuts off the gas lighting system when flammable vapors are detected.

These features make Bradford White water heaters among the longest-lasting, most efficient, and safest water heaters on the market. 

Let’s dive into some more detail:

Vitraglas® Tank Lining

Bradford White comes standard with a unique tank lining that increases the typical life span of your water heater. Tank-style water heaters are made of steel, and to prevent them from premature rusting, Bradford white lines them with a patented enamel/porcelain lining that protects the steel - giving you a water heater that can last much longer than a typical water heater.

Hydrojet® Performance System

In a tank-style water heater, thermal stratification can occur and you don’t want this happening in your water heater. Thermal stratification is when there are ‘cool zones’ and ‘hot zones’ in the tank of your water heater, resulting in your water heater working harder than it needs to. When your water heater’s burner turns on, it heats the water making the molecules move very quickly. These molecules shoot up to the top of your water heater, leaving the cold ones settling to the bottom. The Hydrojet® Performance system is a tube with a series of water jets, mixing the water automatically, resulting in an even temperature throughout your water heater. 

In addition to maintaining an even temperature, the Hydrojet® Performance System reduces settlement build-up at the bottom of your tank. The tap water coming in (unless you have a water softener and filtration system) contains tiny particles that are safe to drink but will fall to the bottom of the tank in your water heater and can cause corrosion. The Hydrojet® Performance system keeps these particles moving, and allows them to pass through the water lines in your house, out of the taps. 

Extended Warranty

Bradford White offers a 6-year warranty with every water heater. A typical water heater at a big box store will offer you a 2-year warranty, and if you end up needing to use the warranty you’ll have to find your own certified plumber to service it for you. 

On top of that, Bradford white offers a 2-year and 4-year extended warranty to give you extra peace of mind. 

By the way, if we install your water heater, and something breaks within the warranty period just call us and we’ll repair it as soon as we can.

Defender Safety System®

Flammable vapors can develop outside of a gas-fired water heater. When these vapors are detected the Bradford White Defender Safety System® will automatically shut down its operation, protecting your home from a potential fire. 

100% American Made and committed to Quality

Bradford White is committed to making the highest quality water heaters, and all of them are made on American soil. Many of the major water heater manufacturers have moved their operations overseas, and have reduced the amount of steel used to produce their water heaters. By contrast, the average Bradford White water heaters are made with 9-14 pounds of more steel than a typical water heater. This extra durability can make your water heater last longer than the others.

Vitraglas® Tank Lining, Hydrojet® Performance System, and Defender Safety System® are registered trademarks of Bradford White Corporation 2020.